Thursday, June 1, 2017

Your Spouse's Addictions Is Not Your Fault, Be Stronger

To spouses dealing with #betrayalTrauma - No matter how ugly the situation in your life is, no matter the destruction, the sadness, the stress, the pain – you have to be strong. In my case, my best friend had to to be stronger than me.

When you feel weak, it is because you are, and when you are weak and your guard is down that is when Satan will do his best work with your soul. One of the biggest lies he will fill your heart with is that all this is YOUR FAULT.  Recognize this what it is now, see that these feelings of guilt aren’t helping you, they aren’t making you grow closer to the Savior. Ask yourself, “What proof do I have that this is my fault?” Don’t get caught up in thinking “I should have done this”, or “I should have known”. These are the loud, screaming voices you hear in your head when you are feeling low, right? Stop right there and be STRONG, be stronger than your spouse, and see your weaknesses for what they are and pray for help.

I wasn’t going to write about this today but because this was the conversation I had not long ago with my best friend. She feels that she should have seen the signs and been able to protect herself, her kids and others that were effected. Yes, she knew something was not right. That was the Holy Ghost warning her that there were problems in her home. But she was the most loving, patient, caring wife a man could hope for so naturally her instinct was to protect everyone including me. She believed in me, she had faith that I would change and that I was a better person than what she was starting to see.

She believed in my excuses for my behavior, but she saw them as her excuses. What happened to my family, to my marriage, to my relationship with my best friend was my fault. I wasn’t brave enough to recognize the problems, I was too scared to face my demons, I was the one that lived in the shadows and failed to allow the light to come into my life.

So be strong and know that your spouse’s problems with pornography and sexual addictions are NOT YOUR FAULT. ❤️

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  1. Hi. Good article. Alcohol and drugs are common addictions to be included in the list. I have a question, if someone is addicted to them, when will be the best time to visit rehab? I have read this article - Which is beneficial among inpatient and outpatient treatment?

    1. Hey there Whally, thanks for the compliment about the article. If someone is dealing with an addiction, the sooner they can find help the better off they will be. The longer an addiction goes, the more damage and long term effects it will cause. I wish I could have recognized my addiction long ago so that maybe I could have saved my relationship with my spouse and my kids. Don't wait until it is too late.


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