Monday, June 19, 2017

Pornography Kills Love

Please share this video with anyone that you feel needs to hear this warning of love.

I was going to delete my blog and Instagram account today, until a person emailed me this morning, I was done trying to help people with my message. I felt weak, I felt unworthy or like my story wasn't worth sharing. I felt hopeless, I wanted to help couples and families but I don't have a story that ends on a good note.  Who am I to teach? Then this morning I got an email from someone I have never met or talked to before and they said to me;
I'm an addict in recovery, I just was reading your blog on betrayal and it did give me better understanding of what I have done.
I know that I'm to blame for my situation.
I just keep  moving forward I now have a calling working at the temple it has been the best calling ever.
My wife and I are getting better every day but you are so right the pain doesn't just stop.
Thanks for your blog it helps.
I have learned that it's one day at time and even sometimes one minute at a time.
Jason, I thank you for your thoughts. You have a great way of putting things.
My wife sent me your blog I am so happy that she did. Please keep writing on it I will keep you and your family in my prayers brother.
Today has been one of the most difficult days of my life.  I wanted to quit and give up, I want the pain to stop, I wanted hurting those I love. Today has been one of the "one minute at a time days".

I would like to thank my friend that was with me today chatting and doing a very good job at making me laugh. Maria say's "Hi"  :)

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